Industrial photo shoot

Have you ever been high above the ground in between some high voltage lines?
Well, that’s where we did our photoshoot of Kilian, our professional model and security instructor for rope access.
Security is done by means of a double absorber fixed to anchor points, so no ropes this time.
Safety and permissions are all approved and taken care of by Elia, the owner of the installation.
The result of our organizing skills and expertise at height ensured us to make some stunning and unique images of high voltage craftsman in action.
Ow, yes we did switched of the power before the shoot 😉 … hmm not sure if we switched it on afterwards…

Outdoor gear shoot in Val Bregaglia

Well, the ‘Outdoor Show’ in Friedrichshafen was a good opportunity to meet a lot of people from the outdoor industry. After a few days indoor it was time to head to Switzerland and use the famous granite for my images… here is a glimpse of the gear shoot I did in Switzerland.