A ride to Heaven

People love challenges… so why not a ride to heaven?
First time I saw the “Vlooybergtoren” I felt my blood running through my veins. The next weeks, this crazy idea of a huge stairs floating in the air was printed in my mind and I wanted to do something with it. The seed of my next personal photo project was planted in my mind and I didn’t wanted to make just a picture, … please a little bit more challenge!
Over a year later I contacted trial athlete Iciar Van den Bergh and simply asked him if he would dare to ride this stairs, it took me only one second to convince him for this insane ride!

Arctic Photography

Isn’t it too cold to ice climb in northern Norway?
It’s surprising that people can live so far up north. A local told me it has something to do with the unique mild climate in northern Norway, and unique it is.
The Fjords rising out of the water covered with white snow in combination with the arctic light makes the surroundings mind blowing. You almost enter a world of surreal light, atmosphere and nature.
I was even lucky to admire the aurora Borealis who put up an astonishing show right in front of me for about 15 minutes. This is one of the facts why this place is so attractive for photography.
Steven De Decker, a fellow photographer made it possible for me to travel to the Arctic and I made a series of images for several manufacturers.
This was the place to be for their products in action!


Industrial photo shoot

Have you ever been high above the ground in between some high voltage lines?
Well, that’s where we did our photoshoot of Kilian, our professional model and security instructor for rope access.
Security is done by means of a double absorber fixed to anchor points, so no ropes this time.
Safety and permissions are all approved and taken care of by Elia, the owner of the installation.
The result of our organizing skills and expertise at height ensured us to make some stunning and unique images of high voltage craftsman in action.
Ow, yes we did switched of the power before the shoot 😉 … hmm not sure if we switched it on afterwards…

Get a grip!

This summer I met Richard Hyde from Rock Technologies at the Outdoor Fair in Friedrichshafen. Recently he asked me to make some product shots for him. A few days later a box with chalk, bottles, tape and balls was delivered at my doorstep. I felt like a little boy getting a box filled with candy’s… I was pretty excited to shoot them in my home studio.