Portraits of Heroes

While I was photographing some cyclists at ‘De Muur’ in Geraardsbergen (Belgium) a bystander told me a race would start here in a couple of days. Why should I come, there are so many races. What time would that be I asked the guy. He told met around 10 PM. Huh, where would they go to in the dark, I asked? Last year they drove to Turkey he answered. I could not believe it and at home I found out about it on the internet, the Transcontinental race would start from Geraardsbergen to Meteora in Greece. 4000 km to pedal and 4 checkpoints to visit. All 300 international cyclists have to complete the self supported race solo or in pairs and within a time frame so this means they go as fast and light as possible.

So there I was at the #TCRno5 race photographing the start and making portraits of all those heroes.

The next day the dot watching started at home, each racer had a tracker so we could follow their track across Europe. I could not believe this, those people were cycling 20+ hours at a speed of 26 km/h each day for 10 days and more. Congratulations to all the racers of the fifth transcontinental race, scratched or winner, you are all unbelievable!

RIP Frank Simons who’s race ended tragically to soon.
More info and stories at: www.transcontinental.cc